On Being a Kitsune: Part Two
September - October '03
By: Duo of The Lostboys

Part two will mostly be focused on what I remember of being a kitsune, and how this applies to me today, for although I am in a human form (and quite content with that as a matter of fact) I consider myself a kitsune still. As with my other memory-related writings, expect this to ramble and go in no particular order.

I suppose first I should start off with my mother. My mother was a byakko, and at the time of giving birth to me, had six-tails. She was a very respected woman, both amongst her people as well as the other various beings she did business with. I'm not exactly sure what type of seniority she possessed, or how she gained it, but her very presence seemed to command instant respect. In a way she reminded me of a Japanese Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter. There is very little else I recall of her, other than that she was probably a geisha, as well as her being very protective and although stern, rather doting. I have absolutely no recollection of my father other than that he was not a kitsune.

As far as my childhood goes, I was primarily raised by my older brother, a gingitsune, who was at the very least two tails ahead of me at the time of my birth. He acted as both parent as well as mentor in some cases. Even by kitsune standards I was a very precocious child, and he was hard-pressed to keep after me in some cases. All in all memories of that time where tame. I had a restless love and interest for life, and a voracious appetite, both of which would get me into trouble many a time. One of the things I recall best is running through the torii and feeling the pull of the energy there. I also enjoyed playing around the ghost lanterns, and at times I would take a human form in order to slip into the human-populated areas and take part in the festivals that where held, especially the festivals aimed at children, where I would play and participate relatively undetected amongst them. Many a rice-cake was stolen during those times, and at the end of the day I would return to my brother complaining of a stomachache, my stomach fit to burst from the beancakes, rice and noodles devoured.

As I got older I took to temple theft and other interesting things, alloting quite a cache of valuables, statues and other religious articles. A psivamp, I took my energy from my surroundings as well as from people, and was also a known sanguinarian. I recall one of my defense mechanisms, and also a method of gaining "prey" for lack of a better word, was to hypnotise people with the swaying of my tails, which have a very distinct ultraviolet kitsune-bi. Sex was another form of trickery commonly used, and I frequently would endup in homosexual couplings with samurai, for instance.

Insofar as my dwellings, they where not the traditional fox-dens one would see walking through nature, at least not on the inside. On the outside they resembled a common fox's den, but on the inside it was like stepping into another dimension--a small hole would open up into a comfortable living place just adequate enough to be comfortable, and large enough for a grown man to stand in. Generally I made my home deep within the forest, and later by graveyards and shrines. Occasionally I would also take over an abandoned temple or shrine and use it to my purpose. In certain places the energy there appealed to me very much, and I would use it properly to my own ends.

As of right now this is all that my tired brain is able to churn out somewhat coherently. Please note too that what I write here has been the product of years of "soul-searching", dreaming, and other interesting stuff. I am hoping this will paint a better picture of things, and perhaps there will be more for me to write in the future.