-A Trickster's Nature
By: Naryu

We are the eerie piercing laughter in the night-
That finds joy to trick mischief and delight-
We are the ones who expose and manipulate your fears-
We are the ones who will laugh at those tears-
Messiahs of nightmares, Myobu of dreams-
Blissful slumbers, Horrific Screams

Rocks to gold and leafs to money
Sick and twisted, Sorrows Funny-
Passions Pallet, Red Lust Green Greed
Fulfilled desires - have you all that you need?

Physical touch or Illusionary embrace..?
Whom wears the Mask;
Which is the real face?
When truth nor logic hold to be real-
and hollow confusion is all that you feel-

You thought had it all, and are left with none-
When the dreams are over and all is done
When reality comes rears its ugly head
Your left in a cold sweat, laying in your bed

Beware the cries of delight and joy
Mankind to us- is just a mere toy..