Kudos, Credits and Legal Bullshit

Kudos, Credits and Legal Bullshit

We include this in here to let people know who did what, who helped us with this project, and legal shit so we don't get sued. This page is useful if you want to see who's helped us make this project possible. This page will be consistently updated as new matierial becomes available, and new shit gets added onto this page.

Books, Legal Shit: Most of the books we own are rare, out of print scholarly works by various people, a list of such can be found here. All quoted material is followed by proper references. Resources cited where applicable. No book still in print will be reproduced in whole on this page. Most of the funds for purchasing books, photocopying or scanning comes out of our own pocket. Please keep this in mind if you intend on stealing, linking or quoting anything without at least giving us at least SOME credit.

Images, web site graphics, etc.: These wouldn't have been made possible without the amazing uber l337 graphics skills of Naryu, who designed all the web graphics and banners for this page. Any other graphics and such shall be credited where applicable.

Aide with PDFing, etc: See, this is why we suck with computers. Jarin of Wandering Paths, a good friend and brother to us, helps us do shit like PDFing documents with his Mac, because we're too slow and incapable of figuring out this shit for ourselves.

And finally, please don't sue us! Most you'd get out of us is a cranky rabbit and a couple balls of lint. We're poor. Most of our resources we snagged simply because we're lucky. Hehe.