Kitsune Kyoudai

Hello, and welcome to our little spot on the web. This place is not only a place for us to post personal essays and whatnot on being kitsune, but also it serves as a resource and compendium of personal experience as well as mythology. We happen to be blessed with the dumb luck of having in our possession rare works on kitsune, as well as some vintage and antique kitsune items in our possession. Our goal with this page is to create a reliable resource meshing personal experience, literary and mythological works. Having grown exceedingly tired of the chronic misrepresentation and misinterpretation in the furry, therian and otherkin communities, we felt the need to setup this page as an ever-developing and long-term project which will include personal essays from both ourself as well as others, as well as rare literary documents and other works.

That aside, an introduction is in order. Our names are Duo and Solo, and we are twin yokai brothers born in one body. We are both kitsune, and being such has a strong affect on our lives and our collective life, and how we live it. You can catch a glimpse of that by visiting here where we keep our online weblog which contains a collection of further essays and rants on kitsune as well as notes on the various rare works and such we manage to come across. We encourage you to keep visiting back, as we expect this page to grow rather quickly. In addition, we are always welcome to communicating with others despite a rather busy schedule at times, so you may feel free to direct your emails to

Updates, 3/20/06: Yey, another update! This time to the writings section, which features essays and personal works about and by kitsune, hulijing, kumiho, etc. We hope to see more kickass stuff up here real soon as we finish working on essays and such, so stay tuned, so to speak! ~Duo

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Writings - An archival of personal works, spanning from essays to rants to records of kitsune-related dreams and things. Whatever. This is basically where the personal experience plays in. Some works by others of the kitsune persuasion are also found in here.

Literary Works - This is where the meat-and-bones of the project lies. Here you'll find scanned and PDF-ed versions of some rare and out-of-print books in our collection concerning kitsune which includes a copy of Kiyoshi Nozaki's work, Kitsune. This site is under some massive construction right now, because some things are in the process of scanning and PDFing. However, you can check out our journal for various progress updates and book notes.

Bibliography - This will take you to a listing of not only the sources for our research, but a listing of other books on yokai, kitsune, and other related stuff. Constantly under construction.

Credits, Legal Garbage - What the title says. The people who helped contribute to this project and make it possible, and assorted legal crap so we don't get sued.

Linkage - Links and all around website pimpage and crap. This section will be growing quite alot so check there often. This is where you want to go if you're sick of being here and want other related things to whet your whistle.