In this section you'll find original writings such as essays, rants, chronicles of dreams etc., both from ourselves as well as from other kitsune whom we've had the fortune of running across and maintaining communication over the years. This page will archive these such works, and seek to paint a bigger picture on kitsune from a personal perspective, highlighting common themes and certain unique qualities of such. It is our hope that, as this webpage grows, so will the understanding. And the LOVE! Er...well I think you all know what we're talking about. Author of said work is cited both on this page as well as in the actual document itself, with email provided for ease of contact and comment.

Personal Works

On Being a Kitsune, part I - By Duo A record of Duo's personal view on the kitsune experience.

On Being a Kitsune, part II - By Duo Part two of the above.

The Transformation of the Kitsune - By Solo, and Duo The transformative process that the kitsune/hulijing or kumiho undergoes is very similar to the alchemical process.

NEW Reiko: A Personal Experience - By Solo The 'supernatural' or 'spirit fox' and our personal take on that.

The Works of Others

One's Own Inari - By Naryu A personal reflection on the diety Inari and how many people view said diety, an essay inspired after reading Karen Smyer's work The Fox and The Jewel.

NEW KDD--Kitsune Deficit Disorder - By Naryu. And no, this does not mean a deficit of kitsune, but rather her take on the various tactile sensations and other things that commonly drive fox-spirit folk to frequent distraction.

NEW A Trickster's Nature - By Naryu. Although a creative piece of poetry, it does offer interesting insight, and it was posted here with Naryu's permission.