Kitsune Links

Kitsune Links

This is where you go when you're sick of being here, or would like to expand your research into other areas. So, we've provided a list of links and crap, carefully categorised for easy surfing. We'll also possibly have webrings up at some point, and hopefully a banner for link exchanging. Keep coming back here, because this page will likely go through a fair amount of growing and modification as we collect more relevant links to add.

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Kitsune Links

Just what the title says. Here are some common, and maybe not-so-common pages out there on kitsune. Both have good as well as not-so-good qualities--the reason why we're listing them here is for you're own research. Read all the stuff, take it with a grain of salt. Thats what learning is all about. Good luck.

Oinari-sama, diety of foxes and rice - A very informational page on the Japanese and Buddhist diety Inari/Dakiniten, diety of foxes and rice. This page has alot of facts on both the diety as well as the kitsune, with plenty of sources for perusal.

Issendai's Page on Kitsune - Very well researched, even if some of the content is a bit contradictory to what we've read in some of our books. Otherwise, does a fairly good job in dispelling some common (and annoying) myths. Good read, if taken with a grain of salt.

Foxtrot's Page on Kitsune Lore - Yes, the rather notorious page on kitsune that you find cited prettymuch everywhere. It has some good points, though for the most part reads a bit much like an RPG manual. An acceptable read, if taken with a block of salt.

The Kitsune Page - A nice site containing stories, articles and the like, both ancient as well as modern, as well as some media. Even has a partial PDF of Nozaki's work in there. - Various odd assortment of information, art, media and other such things.

Troublesome Fox-spirits! - A sort of blurb-thingummer page.

Kitsune or Yokai-related Art

This is basically a list of artists who are either kitsune, yokai or otherwise kitsune or yokai-inspired. Its also a good excuse to plug our friends' art and crap :P Or complete strangers who's art we drool over. Whatever. - This is the webpage of Naryu, a fellow kitsune and graphic artist and illustrator. Manhy of her works are kitsune and Shinto-inspired, and reflect alot of her spirituality and her connection with being a kitsune as well. - Another arty page by a kitsune. Sho is a fantabulous artist with some nifty artwork, as well as some cool information on kitsune on his site.

The Drunken Tengu - A very nifty site of Tengu art! CAW CAW! SCREE SCREE!....and all that related bird jazz.

WindigoFer @ DeviantArt - This is the art page of a good and dear friend to the both of us, Feral, who's art is largely inspired by Asian mythos, especially Korean and Japanese. He also has a Sheezyart mirror.

Kitsune, Fox, and Yokai-related communities and websites

Pages with information on kitsune, yokai, Shinto, Buddhism, and related jazz along with informational, fan-based and nonhuman-related communities.

Onmark Productions Shinto and Buddhist Corner - A very informative and detailed resource on Shinto, Buddhism, and yokai, and its many myriad facets.

Japanese Ghosts - A very informative site on Japanese ghosts and demons.

Fushimi Inari Taisha - The website of the big ole' granpappy of Inari shrines, Fushimi Inari.

Shokoku-Ji - Another Inari or Inari-affiliated shrine, see also its Japanese Mirror.

Kasama Inari Jinja - Kasama Inari shrine, see also its Japanese mirror.

Asiankin - This is a community, also hosted on LiveJournal, for yokai and other people with a spiritual connection to entities commonly portrayed in Eastern art and religion and the like. We co-moderate this site along with Naryu. See also its web board mirror here.

Shrine of Inari - A LiveJournal-based community we run, for kitsune and kitsune discussion. We keep it under moderator-approval for members to get somesort of quality-control due to the sheer volume of confused furries and the like running around the intarweb. OMG liek we are so serious and orderly lol!!!111 :O

Yokai Monsters on LJ - What the title says. A community of yokai and yokai fan-related stuff on Elljay. Some nifty stuff comes through that community.

Youkaimura - a community for yokai as well as yokai fans. Also offers various arts, crafts and services for purchase and perusal.

General Otherkin-related Jazz

Wandering Paths - this is our brother-site, a page filled with otherkin community information, essays, and stuff on energywork like reiki. - personal page of an elfy sort of fellow we hang out with on occasion, with essays, more reiki, and his annual gather Walking The Thresholds that we attend every year. - resources, links, articles, name it, its there. - a place by and for otherkin multiples, like us. Poke there to get an idea of what its like in our head without, er, actually going there.